Frymaster-Full Vat / Half Vat Electric Fryers

14kW and 7kW Full Vat / Half Vat Electric Fryers

The new Frymaster FPH14-7 Full Vat/Half Vat electric fryer is specially designed for non-traditional restaurant operations, to be used under a ventless hood. It features the FootPrint filtration System, which fits neatly underneath the fryer, requiring no additional floor space. This hands-off filtering system sets new standards for cost savings, safety, ease of operation and reliability.  The FPH14-7 Full Vat/Half Vat fryer features rear flush which moves sediment to the front drain valve for easy and thorough removal. The entire filtering operation is automatic and takes about 3 minutes to complete.

Product Features

  • FootPrint® filtration
  • FootPrint® filtration
  • Vats
  • Full/Half vats
  • Cold Zone
  • Deep cold zone
  • Design
  • Swing-up, ribbon type elements
  • Design
  • Open-pot design
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Centerline temperature sensor
  • Casters
  • Casters
  • Computer
  • Computer Magic
  • Oil Flush
  • Rear oil flush
  • Melt Cycle
  • Automatic melt cycle
  • Boil-out mode
  • Boil-out mode

Technical Specifications

Width x Depth x Height24" x 30 7/8" x 45 5/16"
60.96 cm x 77.47 cm x 115.57 cm
Weight393 lb
178.2648 kg
Primary Power Input Rating208-240/60/3
Power Output14000  Watts

  • Model: FM-FPRE14-7

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