Curved Glass Black Dry Bakery Case-TRUE

The TCGD-31 curved glass, black, dry bakery display case gives an elegant, high-class feel to any bread, dessert or pastry placed within. The TCGD-31 has a single pane of curved glass and two side glass panes for maximum presentation of the bakery product; plus, the curved glass tilts outward for easy cleaning. The TCGD-31 has black, laminated vinyl panels and a stainless steel top. The special "brown bulb" lighting system enhances the appearance of items within, by providing a balanced color spectrum. The TCGD-31 also comes with three, adjustable PVC shelves.

Measures in at 31 7/8"W x 38 1/8"D x 47 7/8"H.

  • Model: TRUE-TCGD-31

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