Frymater-Gas Deep Fryer

High efficiency fryers with FootPrint® PRO Filtration

The FPH55, a single, high efficiency gas fryer, and the FPH55-2, a single high efficiency gas fryer with split pot, come with a FootPrint filter contained beneath it. These fryers combine high volume, fuel economical frying, with convenient, labor-saving filtration for maximum overall efficiency.

The FootPrint filter requires no additional floor or storage space. This hands-off filtering system is enhanced to set new standards for cost savings, safety, ease of operation and dependability. The entire filtering operation is automatic and takes three minutes to complete. FootPrint filtration makes frequent filtering simple and safe, extending the life of expensive shortening to reduce operating costs and yield a high-quality, good-tasting product.

Product Features

  • FootPrint® filter
  • Self-contained FootPrint® filter -- extends oil life, saves money
  • Burners
  • Electronic ignition/infrared burners -- no pilot to light -- saves time
  • Design
  • Open-pot design -- deep cold zone
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to clean which helps reduce carbon buildup and allows for better tasting food
  • Cold Zone
  • Deep cold zone traps sediment out of cooking areas
  • Sensor
  • Centerline, solid state temperature sensor/controller
  • Response
  • Fast response to loads for better, more consistent food
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Boil-out mode -- for easy cleaning

  • Model: FM-FPH55

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